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Independent Assessments of Culture, Controls and Business Model.

We Provide Financial Services Firms with the Management Tools They Need to Earn and Retain Stakeholder Trust.

The Product

We provide a management toolkit that combines a Universe of data, proprietary analytics and decades of practical experience to measure, monitor and modify controls programs.

Industry Experts

We are practitioners at heart, all having extensive experience in designing and implementing controls programs that work in the real world.

Our Vision

GP was formed by industry veterans with a common view: objective measurement combined with practical insight will allow financial services firms to better manage their businesses.


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Maximize Return on Investment in Managing Legal, Fiduciary and Conduct risks.

Must Know : Eight Risks In The Banking Industry Faced By Every Bank.

Aboli Gangreddiwar


The financial industry in the US is the most liquid and the largest market in the world. In 2014, finance and insurance represented 7.2 percent of U.S. GDP

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Coinbase Hires Former NYSE Exec To Build Out A Platform To Monitor Its Crypto Markets.

Frank Chaparro


Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange operator, is building out a platform to better monitor its markets. 

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UWT Expands Global Honors Program To Reach More Students.

Brynn Grimely


Thuy Tien Thi Vo joined the global honors program at the University of Washington Tacoma because she needed extra credit for her business accounting degree.

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SEC Seeks Right To Cut Whistle Blower Bounties. Agency Proposes Change.

Henry Cutter


The Securities and Exchange Commission voted to propose potential cuts in the bounties that tipsters who report major securities-law violations can receive...

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