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Objective Measurement of Organizational Risk for Better Investment Decisions 

Choosing the right investments for your clients requires more than evaluating investment strategies and track records. Traditional investment analytics focus on fund strategies and past performance.   ORCA focuses on the manager, giving advisors and due diligence professionals an objective view of the fund manager's ability to deliver.

ORCA Converts proprietary sets of data into usable insights:

  • Identifies more potential sources of risk

  • Enables advisors to make more informed decisions

  • Helps you protect clients from underperformance and mismanagement

  • Enhance current investment research

  • Reduce reliance on manual and subjective due diligence

Improve outcomes with more information in less time. Protect your client and avoid costly failures.

Risk Ranking Eligible Investments

Rank the asset managers on your eligible list by Organizational Risk, based on over 20 years of data from independent sources on 20,000+ firms.

Comparing Peers

Assess firm risk scores relative to others in detail.  Compare risks across comparable firms, by asset class, investment style or other criteria, for more complete screening of suitable options.

Highlighting Risks for Focused Review

Individual Firm Scorecards display the highest and lowest future risks from 48 individual Machine Learning models, as well as composite and maximum individual risks, to identify specific areas for prioritization and focused research.

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